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Jump Dog™ Agility Mat

Soft Cushion Agility Jumping Mat – 3′ x 4′ Black, Shock Absorbing Sports Performance Agility Anti-Fatigue Mat

The Jump Dog™ Agility Mat provides the perfect amount of cushion to reduce impact on dog’s forelegs, shoulders and backs. The pebble grain finish provides excellent traction and slip resistance. Perfect for indoor doggie day cares with epoxy floors. Easy to clean and provides a safe landing for all dog types.

Mat for garage floors when dog jumps out of car.


The Jump Dog™ Agility Mat is a specialized mat designed to enhance the safety and performance of dogs during everyday activities such as jumping from cars. The mat is engineered with the ideal amount of cushioning to minimize the impact on a dog's forelegs, shoulders, and back. This is crucial for preventing potential injuries during agility exercises, where dogs may be required to jump and land repeatedly. The surface of the mat is textured with a pebble grain finish. This not only adds a tactile element but also provides excellent traction for dogs. The enhanced grip helps prevent slipping, ensuring a secure footing for the dogs during their jumps and movements.

Other Benefits of using the Jump Dog Agility Mat

  1. Slip-Resistance for Safety:
    • Slip resistance is a key feature, promoting a safer training environment. Dogs need a surface that minimizes the risk of slipping to prevent accidents or injuries. The mat's slip-resistant design adds an extra layer of safety.
  2. Indoor Compatibility:
    • The mat is particularly suitable for indoor environments, making it perfect for indoor doggie daycares with epoxy floors. Its design takes into consideration the specific needs of indoor spaces, providing a supportive surface for dogs without causing damage to the flooring.
  3. Easy to Clean:
    • Maintenance is made simple with the Jump Dog Agility Mat. Its easy-to-clean design allows for hassle-free upkeep, ensuring a hygienic training area for the dogs. Regular cleaning is essential in shared spaces like doggie daycares, and this mat facilitates that process.
  4. Safe Landing for All Dog Types:
    • The mat is crafted to offer a safe landing surface for dogs of all types and sizes. Whether a dog is a beginner in agility training or an experienced athlete, the mat provides a supportive and comfortable surface for landing, reducing stress on their joints.

The Jump Dog™ Agility Mat is a thoughtfully designed accessory for agility training, prioritizing the safety and well-being of dogs. From impact reduction to slip resistance and easy maintenance, it caters to the specific needs of indoor training environments, making it an excellent choice for doggie daycares and similar facilities.

Dimension: 3’ x 4’